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We believe in
Partnership and
long term relationships

Who We Are

Midtown National Group (MNG)  is a boutique real estate investment firm. We own and manage a diversified real estate portfolio that provides sale-leaseback financing, and invests equity with seasoned, professional development partners. We constantly acquire properties and seek to grow the portfolio both in size and quality.  This is achieved through 3 major activities: Sale Leaseback, Secondary Market Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures.

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Our Philosophy

With over a billion dollars in transactions since 1979, we have earned the reputation of a RESPONSIVE company with the capital, flexibility, and sophistication to tailor our performance to fit your specific needs. No bureaucracy, no boards, no committees – our decision makers are hands on and involved firsthand in every transaction. This ensures quick decision-informed, agile, efficient solutions without bureaucracy; saving you time and money. We believe that in a PARTNERSHIP, the union of our capital and your operation expertise is the key to mutual success. We strive to develop long-term relationships with professional tenants and developers. Our commitment to those relationships is based on two simple rules: First SERVING our clients unique needs, second PERFORMANCE.

Retailers and restaurant operators use our Net Lease Programs to convert real estate into cash, finance acquisitions, and accelerate their company’s expansion and growth. We provide developers with the equity for their projects under a joint venture arrangement allowing them to expand the use of their own capital, and benefit from our broad-based real estate experience.