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We believe in
Partnership and
long term relationships

Who We Are

MNG was founded by Brian Malk in 1969 as a real estate development company and has grown into a full-service boutique real estate investment company that has developed, invested in, and managed over $4 billion in real estate across the country. MNG offers investors real estate investment, advisory, and management services alongside our legacy members.

Today, MNG actively invests in ground up, value-add, and stabilized real estate investments. While MNG has exposure to and experience with all property types across the country, our primary focus is on retail, multifamily, and self-storage in the Mountain States and Southeast United States.

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For Investors

Our model provides investors the opportunity to invest alongside MNG into institutional caliber opportunities without having to write institutional size checks. MNG leverages our size, relationships, and experience to negotiate with sponsors, developers and sellers to achieve both qualitative and quantitative terms that are not available to individual investors. MNG commits to acquisitions and investments based on the financial strength of our balance sheet and our underwriting, and does not rely on outside investor capital to fund opportunities. Every deal MNG pursues has been pursued and negotiated as if we were the sole investor, and we make material investments in every opportunity we offer to outside investors. MNG offers investors opportunities across various business plans and property types, and provides curated opportunities to meet specific risk/return and tax planning profiles. Whether you are motivated by generating capital gains, passive income, or depreciation and other tax benefits, MNG has opportunities to achieve your objectives.

MNG also provides consulting and advisory services for those pursuing real estate investments through direct investment, joint ventures, or 1031 exchanges outside of MNG management. MNG can provide guidance and direction to help investors understand opportunities, negotiate their participation, and ensure they’re positioning themselves to achieve a competitive risk-adjusted return.

For Developers, Sponsors, and Sellers

MNG is a full-service capital partner and buyer for all property types and business plans. MNG approaches every opportunity as a new partnership and looks first to identify our partner’s goals and objectives and then crafts a business plan and structure to achieve those goals. MNG provides LP equity, GP equity and bridge/mezz financing to partners. MNG can operate as a passive LP partner or leverage our relationships and balance sheet to support partners in sourcing the entirety of the capital stack, handling accounting and legal responsibilities, and executing the business plan.